Artificial Intelligence to protect your business against next generation email threats

Libra Esva  Email Gateway

Libra Esva Email Security Gateway is available as on premise virtual appliance or cloud service.

It allows companies to enforce their e-mail acceptable use policy, and actively blocks unknown 0-day malware thanks to it’s innovative sandboxing modules.

Libra Esva Load Balancer

Libra Esva Load Balancer is available as on premise virtual appliance or cloud service.

It’s a straight forward Email Workloads balancing solution, that perfectly fits Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, IBM Domino and any mail server.


Virtual Appliance ready for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen Server


Cloud based anti-spam dedicated to your organisation



Active active geographical clustering solution


Libra Esva and Office 365, the perfect fit!



Sandboxing Protection against Advanced Threats and 0-day malware

Over 99,98% Spam Catch Rate and less 0,02% False Positives

Multiple Antivirus Engine, including Avira and BitDefender


Mobile APP End User Spam Management for IOS and Android

Real Time Email Tracking

SMTP Rejects and Delivery certification reports

End User Quarantine Reports

Enterprise Class Features

Outgoing Email Policy Rate Control

LDAP Authentication

TLS Encryption Policies Routes

Support Included

Dedicated support team

98% of request resolved within 4 hrs!

Online Ticketing System with defined SLA

Documentation Site

Is your Office 365 secure?

Office 365 Anti-Spam Shortcomings

  • Centralized Spam Quarantine is not enabled by default.
  • It is impossible to release several emails from the quarantine simultaneously.
  • Anti-Spam Engine based on secrete “bad words” and reputation data.
  • Digest Report must be enabled for all users or none.
  • Office 365 quarantine can display a maximum of 500 messages.
  • Message tracking for a message more that 7 days old is submitted as a download request.
  • Undeliverable messages for both inbound and outbound traffic will bounce after only 48 hours