Protecting you from attacks that antivirus can’t block.

Save time with effortless patching and software management

Automate your patch management to save time and resources. Heimdal CORP installs software and keeps it up to date, according to your specific needs and settings. Block 85% of web attack angles.

Fortify your security and avoid financial losses

Heimdal supplements your endpoints’ security by filling the gaps left uncovered by inadequate antivirus reaction. Build up your defenses against unknown, polymorphic malware with dormant capabilities.

Fiercely protect your endpoints against ransomware

Proactive protection is what you need to stop ransomware from encrypting your endpoints. Heimdal closes vulnerabilities and sanitizes your Internet traffic to stop ransomware from infecting your endpoints.

Deploy fast, at any scale and stay nimble

As a lightweight client, you can easily deploy Heimdal on all your endpoints, via MSI, no matter the size of your organization. Doesn’t impact your endpoints’ performance and Internet speed.

Prevent data leakage and enhance your uptime

Heimdal CORP prevents data breaches by blocking communication between malware and its C&C servers. By analyzing all HTTP, HTTPS and DNS traffic, Heimdal stops malware from harvesting confidential data from your endpoints.

Integrate seamlessly, manage easily

No matter what other security solutions you may be using, we guarantee that Heimdal will work smoothly with them. Your Heimdal dashboard makes it simple for you to set up and manage your organization’s protection.