Trust for every Thing in the age of IOT

Device Authority’s architecture-level security delivers trust, control and compliance to clients across various verticals

Solving security problems at scale


The IoT is driving a major change in how identity is authenticated. Identity has traditionally been centered on users, who once verified, are then able to access specific devices, applications and services. IoT applications introduce new “users” requiring trusted access for the devices themselves.

With the enormous and dynamic scale of the IoT where new devices are continually being provisioned, this process rapidly becomes unmanageable without automation. The IoT demands an approach to identification that starts with individual devices – authenticated automatically and dynamically, with no manual intervention required.

Introducing KeyScaler™


KeyScaler™ is an innovative platform that delivers:

  • Secure device registration and provisioning
  • Policy-driven credential delivery and management
  • End-to-End device derived cryptography for data in transit and at rest across networks and cloud services

KeyScaler addresses core security vulnerabilities and delivers comprehensive IoT security automation at scale, with active security posture enforcement.

Device Authority has developed a flexible device interface protocol that interoperates with KeyScaler for delivering automated PKI for IoT devices – providing two alternatives for device authentication.