Compuverde offers file system, block and object storage in one package – completely hardware-agnostic and massively scalable.

Extreme performance

By using a solution from Compuverde, you take full advantage of systems with built-in cache, improving the performance levels of your setup significantly. Flash and RAM cache is supported.

Self-healing cluster

All data is distributed over the cluster and possibly geographically separated locations within the cluster. When a disk or a node breaks down, the cluster self-heals and rebalances.


Because the storage cluster is built on a symmetric architecture, linear scaling up to Exabytes of storage and trillions of files is achieved. Compuverde scales linearly with both capacity and performance.

vNAS solution

A vNAS setup using Compuverde offers multiple entry points and removes all potential bottlenecks.

Hyper-converged solution

Smart virtualization is key. Compuverde delivers a truly hyper-converged industry-leading storage solution.